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MCA Music


34th Floor Raffles Corporate Center
Pasig City, MM 1600
ph. +6329162483
em. mcamusic@umusic.com


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MCA Music

MCA Music (Philippines)

MCA Records was an American-based record company owned by MCA Inc., which later gave way to the larger MCA Music Entertainment Group (now Universal Music Group), of which MCA Records was still part. MCA Records was absorbed by its affiliate label, Geffen Records, in 2003. However, the MCA name is still in use in the Philippines because of a trademark dispute with an unrelated label known as Universal Records, which holds the rights to the word “Universal” for recorded music in the Philippines. As a result, Universal Music Group is instead traded as MCA Music, Inc. Philippines in that country, adopting the moniker “Universal Music Philippines” to simplify identification, even though no formal “Universal” branding is exercised.

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